Tennis Betting


Tennis is one of the common sports markets available at most online bookmakers. According to stats, about 21% of all active sports enthusiasts are tennis betting fans. It places tennis between baseball (22%) and horse racing (21%) in popularity.

The reasons for such popularity are quite clear: a wide selection of bet types and regular events. Though there are many reputable betting sites, GGBet is the bookie that has held the leading position for more than 7 years already.

We offer pre-match and live betting on most local and major events. On average, there are 70+ events. Together with competitive tennis odds and live broadcasts, GGBet becomes the perfect place for casual bettors as well as experienced enthusiasts.

How to Bet on Tennis at Online Bookmaker GGBet?

GGBet is an intuitively understandable bookmaker with a simple betting algorithm:

  • Log into your account and click on the “Bets” link in the site’s header.
  • Choose between pre-match and live betting options.
  • Select the particular match you are interested in, and do not forget to check the odds.
  • Specify the tennis betting type and the sum you want to bet.
  • Submit the bet slip.

After the match is over, you get a response with results to your email or via an internal message system. Our platform offers a dedicated section with detailed statistics for all supported events and tournaments.

After proceeding there, you may get info about particular players and their performance, history outcomes, rankings with points, and more. This info definitely helps make the well-informed bet and increases chances for success.

Also, we offer a live wagering option where you can bet on events that are taking place at the moment. It brings higher odds and a more versatile betting market. Also, the bookie supports live broadcasts of all tennis matches. It is extremely important since you do not need to find a third-party streaming service but watch your team play and bet from one place!

Tennis Betting Markets

GGBet boasts many wager markets you may try during pre-match and live tennis betting. While some of them are more suitable for newcomers, others perfectly match the experienced bettors.


It is the most popular tennis market where you bet on the player who wins the match. At the same time, Moneyline consists of several subcategories:

  • Match Winner. Here, everything is simple – you enjoy betting on tennis matches and predict the winner.
  • Set Winner. It is a less common money line subcategory when you bet on a player who will win a set.
  • First Game Winner. Within this market, you bet on a player who will win the first game. It is a bit more complicated than the previous one since it requires a good understanding of players’ performance in the short run.
  • Handicap. In this case, you also bet on a win for a specific player. At the same time, the bookie releases a point spread for a specific match, focusing on the number of games one of the players will win or not lose.
  • Over/Under. This tennis bet implies wagering on the overall number of games that will be played during a match.
  • First Set Exact Score. In this type, you should correctly predict the exact score after the first set.
  • Number of Games. As the name suggests, you predict the number of games within a particular tennis match.

Most of these bet types perfectly match newcomers who only get acquainted with tennis wagering.

Live Bets

While betting on the match that is already taking place, you may use the same bet types as mentioned above. Also, among them, you may experience the following tennis bets:

  • Tie Break. Here, you bet a player to win in straight sets 2-0 or 3-0. Also, you may bet on a player who will win each set 7-6.
  • Break Point. This situation occurs when one player is 1 point away from a win or his opponent is serving. Using this tennis betting option, you wager whether the player may win or save a breakpoint.
  • Number of Aces. Here, you bet whether a player will serve over or under a given number of aces.

Depending on the match, there may be multiple proposition bets. For example, you may bet whether both opponents will win their semi-final matches in straight sets or whether they will win at least 1 set in semi-finals.

Outright Betting

In this case, you bet on long-term outcomes. It is the reason why these tennis bets are also known as “Futures”.

  • Tournament Winner. Unlike previous options, here you bet on the ultimate winner of, for example, US Open, Wimbledon, etc.
  • Grand Slam. Grand Slam tournaments are divided by gender and number of players (singles, doubles). So, you may predict how many Grand Slams the player or players (if it is a double) will win by the end of a calendar year.
  • Players To End Year Ranked #1. As the name suggests, you bet on a player to become the best-ranked by the end of the year.

Such bets require a strategy and a deep analysis of all competitors, tournament events, injuries, players’ contracts, and more.

How Do Tennis Odds Work?

Like in other sports, odds in tennis reflect the probability of a certain event. Knowing tennis odds may give you a big insight into potential outcomes and better predict the match result. Naturally, odds may vary depending on external factors (for example, news) as well as in-game events (for instance, injuries).

The same features and events directly impact the odds’ size. While the bookie’s experts set odd values, they take into account the statistics, weather conditions, location where the game is taking place, and more. GGBet offers:

  • Decimal;
  • US;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Indo;
  • Malay.

Here is an example of how odds are calculated while you are enjoying betting on tennis matches. Let’s suppose there is a match between Jack Draper (1.80) and Yulta Shimizu (2.50) for the ATP Tokyo Singles Qualification. You decide to bet $20 on the 1st Set Winner.

If you bet $20 on the Jack Draper and he wins, you receive $20 x 1.80 = $36. If you pick an underdog, Yulta Shimizu, place the same bet, and he wins, you receive $20 x 2.50 = $50.

Best Tournaments for Tennis Betting

On GGBet you may bet on various global events and minor tournaments. Olympic and Grand Slam matches are also on the list and are supported by broadcasts for live betting. As a result, you may enjoy tennis betting all year long without a pause, which gives you a continuous experience.


The Wimbledon Championship is one of the four major tournaments. Unlike other events, it is played on a grass court and lasts for about 2 weeks: it starts late in June and finishes early in July. It is considered the most prestigious and, at the same time, old tournament (first held in 1877).

Australian Open

It is the second top event held annually in Melbourne and is popular among GGBet users for high tennis betting odds. It starts in the middle of January and lasts for 2 weeks. The first match in this tournament was played in 1972.

It is open for singles, doubles, legends, wheelchair juniors, and other games. Compared to Wimbledon, games here have been played on the plexicushion surface since 2008.

US Open

This hardcourt tournament was founded about 142 years ago in New York and is still held there. Like previous events, it lasts for 2 weeks: it starts on the last Monday of August and finishes in the middle weekend, coinciding with the US Labor Day. During the tournament, you may bet on men's and women's singles/doubles as well as mixed doubles.

French Open

This tournament also has a long history (since 1891) and is one of the most popular events for tennis betting online. Traditionally, it also lasts for 2 weeks (starts at the end of May) and is held on Stade Roland Garros (a clay surface). The French Open is the most physically demanding among all other major tournaments.

ATP Finals and WTA Finals

WTA is the final championship within a WTA Tour and is considered the most significant event in the women's annual calendar. Since the first match in 1972, there have been 52 editions of this event.

As for ATP, it is the same final event, but for men’s tennis within an ATP Tour. The first match was played in 1970. The current champion in singles is Novak Djokovic.

Tennis Betting Tips and Important Points for Predictions

To make well-informed predictions, you should consider the following tennis betting tips from our experts:

  • Explore the physical conditions of both players, recent injuries, and their performance during the last matches;
  • Learn about the venue and type of surface (hardcourt, clay, grass, etc.);
  • Consider weather conditions since they impact the surface, strings of the tennis racket, etc.

Do not forget to learn the tactics of both players and how they may use each other's weak sides.

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GGBet Sports offers a wide selection of the best tennis bets and competitive odds. You may use pre-match or in-play tennis betting options depending on your experience and goals. Thanks to a handy Android application, you may bet on your favorite tennis players and events everywhere on the go. Do not hesitate to register at GGBet bookmaker right away to enjoy all those benefits on your own!